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Key Stages One and Two


The following subjects are taught to each class:

English, Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, French (years 3 and 4), Spanish (years 5 and 6), Art, Physical Education, History, Geography, PSHE, Religious Education, and Music.


In all these subjects we cover the new National Curriculum, as intended for each year group.  Full details can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/335133/PRIMARY_national_curriculum_220714.pdf



Gearies Primary school

Curriculum map


Key Stages One and Two


Autumn One

Autumn Two

Spring One

Spring Two

Summer One

Summer Two


History and Science

Geography and Science

Design and technology and Science

The Arts


History and Geography

Year One Topics

“Why do we play with different toys as we grow older?

“Hello, I am new here; bonjour, je suis nouveau ici”

“Traditional tales from around the world”

“Starry night”

“Water world”

“Where will we go for a day out?”


Science and

Design and Technology

History and Geography

Science and

Design and Technology

The Arts


Geography and History

Year Two Topics

“Can party food be healthy?”

“Pride in place”

“Mrs Armitage’s vehicle”

“Where do Bong trees grow?”

“All creatures great and small”

“How did families have fun in the past?”




Design and technology and Science

The Arts



Year Three Topics

“How does electricity work?”

“Who were the greatest builders in the world?”

“Let’s go on an adventure.  Would we like to live here?”

“The games children play”

“Creepy crawlies”

“How can we make living here better for everyone?”

Year Four Topics

“How do I see?  How do I hear?”

“Why do we speak English at school?  Where did English come from?”

Should we stop eating chocolate?”

“From a railway carriage”

“Our inner space”

“A regional study within Italy, Germany, Holland or Denmark”

Year Five Topics

“What is it made of?”

Why would someone build a castle in England?  Why don’t we build them now?”


“The highway-man”

“Our place”

“Why do I live here?  Why do people come here to lie?  Why do people leave where they were born?”

Year Six Topics

“What’s out there?”

“Has there ever been a better time to live here?”

“Why do some creatures no longer exist?”

“The Lady of Shalott”

“Together we can”







The school promotes learning throughout the Arts.  Its broad curriculum coverage is supported through special projects, residencies, out-of-school hour clubs and workshops.  Recent partnerships have included the artists Cookson and McNally, the poet Sandra Agard and musician Jon Owen.  Creativity is seen as an essential part of children’s learning.




Religious Education is taught in the school to all children.  Our policy and scheme of work follow the Redbridge agreed Syllabus.  Sharing and caring are stressed, and children learn about the similarities and differences between religions.  All faiths are valued equally.  Parents have the right to withdraw children from RE lesson.   Anyone considering this should discuss this first with the Head Teacher before putting a request in writing.




The school has developed a programme of study for Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) following consultation with staff, parents and governors.  A copy of this is our website.  As parents, you have the right to withdraw your child from SRE.  Anyone considering this should discuss this first with the Head Teacher before putting a request in writing.




An assembly is held in school every day.  This is a very important part in the life of the school.  Assemblies address broadly Christian themes and all children attend. 

Special assemblies are also held throughout the year. Parents are invited to attend. 

Assemblies contribute to children’s development in religious knowledge as well as social and moral values which are part of the ethos of the school.  As parents, you do have the right to withdraw your child from collective worship.  If you do consider this, please discuss the matter first with the Head Teacher before putting a request in writing.




We know that some children may have different learning needs at certain times during their education.  Our aim is to offer high quality support to ensure that all children’s learning needs are well met.  We will discuss your child’s needs with you at regular intervals so we can work together to provide the best education.  The school’s Special Needs policy follows the Code of Practice 2001.