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Our Big Ideas


Our Big Ideas – 2017

How are we going to make the school even better? Our Big Ideas have been chosen to do just this. They are the most important things we will be doing in school over the next year.


Our Big Theme is:

Towards excellence – raising standards of teaching and learning


We will achieve the following:


  1. We will organise new school day timings to use in our larger school


  2. We will make an action plan for the Teaching School to help other schools with their teaching and learning


  3. We will help every child to be a successful learner in music


  4. We will help teachers to give good feedback to children in their lessons, and this will help them improve their learning


  5. We will write a plan for teaching writing throughout the school


  6. We will help every child to be a successful learner in mathematics


  7. We will continue to write our new Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) lessons


  8. Teachers will find ways of helping each child to be a successful learner, and in particular those children who find it more difficult to make good progress


  9. We will ensure that each child in our early Years classes is a successful learner


    We are all a part of our school and all agree to take responsibility for making these Big Ideas happen. We look forward to learning new things together, taking risks and enjoying our learning together.


    March 2017