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Our Big Ideas




2021 – 2022 Core Priorities

School Development Plan


1. The Quality of Education

a) Refine quality first teaching of mathematics


b) Review Curriculum content to match children’s interests and needs


c) Develop catch-up curriculum provision




2. Behaviour and Attitudes

d) Develop children’s capacity to learn effectively




3. Personal Development

e) Develop our RSHE curriculum


f) Increase engagement of boys and European families




4. Leadership and Management


g) Complete the structural review of our Inclusion teams




5. Early Years Education


h) Review our Early Years Curriculum content to match children’s interests and needs



Key Line of enquiry no. 1: Mathematics


We are going to refine quality first teaching of mathematics:

  • Provision of teacher training focusses on research informed teaching
  • Communicate expectations for high quality teaching and curriculum coverage over time
  • Hold teachers to account for agreed standards and high expectations
  • Provision responds well to all identified learning needs
  • Maths leaders own process of data analysis
  • Monitor pupil attainment and progress
  • Ensure high quality resources are procured in order to support teaching and learning


In order that Pupil attainment and progress across each year group is higher in all pupil groups than national averages.


Key Line of enquiry no. 2: Catch-up curriculum


We are going to develop our catch-up curriculum provision:

  • Review what we mean by “catch-up”
  • Analyse data from successive assessment milestones
  • Create responsive planning to address any identified gaps – boys, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups
  • Review existing strategies
  • Respond to the government’s recommendations for catch-up strategies to agree on which are most appropriate to our community
  • Consider the recommended strategies in line with available funding


In order that pupil attainment and progress matches or exceeds our stated end of year group goals in all areas of learning.



Key Line of enquiry no. 3: Structural review of Inclusion teams


We are going to review the structure of our Inclusion teams:

  • Ensure each teacher has a good understanding of each child’s needs
  • Ensure differentiation of learning is efficient and matched well to needs
  • Ensure ALL staff have a good understanding of inclusive teaching methods/choices, by developing children as effective learners and developing their understanding of how best to support children with SEND
  • Ensure class teacher has primary responsibility for provision,
  • Reviewing our school’s approach to admitting children with high-level needs


In order that our Inclusion teams will be more efficient and cost effective, and that Interventions are focussed, time limited with clear entry and exit criteria, with the English and Maths teams fully involved in the identification and realization of them.