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Board of Governors



The Board of Govenors is made up of the Head Teacher, a member of staff, parents, one person appointed by the Local Authority, and representatives of the local community.  They meet at least once a term as a full Board of governors, as well as in committee meetings.


What are their responsibilities?

  • They decide, with the Head Teacher, the aims and policies of the school and how the standards of education can be improved.

  • They decide in general terms, how the school should be run.  The Head Teacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

  • With the Head Teacher and staff, governors help to draw up the School Development Plan.

  • They help, with the Head Teacher and the Local Authority, to decide how to spend the school budget.

  • They make sure that the national Curriculum, Foundation Stage Curriculum and Religious Education curriculum are taught appropriately, and that the school reports on children’s attainment within this.

  • They select the Head Teacher and Deputy Heads.

  • They assist in appointing other new staff.

  • They act as a link between the school and the local community.

  • They draw up an action plan after an Ofsted inspection, and make sure that it is put into place.


Individual governors have no power: the Board of governors act together.






Mr J Pettifer Chairman/local authority governor 13/09/2017 12/09/2021
Mrs M Smith Vice Chair/co-opted governor 03/09/2017 02/09/2021
Mr R. Drew  Head Teacher ---------------- ---------------
Mr J Nobeebaccus Staff governor 10/03/2016 09/03/2020
Mr M Absar Parent governor 14/03/2016 13/03/2020
Mrs S Wong Parent governor 02/11/2013 01/11/2017
Mrs M Joseph Co-opted governor 03/09/2017 02/09/2021
Mrs Y Guns
Co-opted governor 19/09/2017 18/09/2021
Mr A. Perry Co-opted governor 07/02/2014 06/02/2018


Attendance at meetings for the period 20/1/16 to 6/12/16

100% - Mr Pettifer, Mr Drew, Mrs English, Mrs Smith, Mrs Joseph, Mr Nobeebaccus
67% - Mrs Guns, Mr Absar
63% - Mrs Ross
56% - Mrs Wong, Mr Perry