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Uniform Policy



It is the policy of the school that all children will wear our agreed uniform each day.  This fosters a feeling of belonging to our community, and helps children feel equal to each other.



White polo shirt with school logo, grey trousers, navy sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo.  Summer option – short trousers



White polo shirt with school logo, navy skirt or pinafore, or navy trousers, navy sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo.  Summer option – blue and white check dress



These may be worn for religious reasons but must be in school colours – navy blue only.  These must also be removed during PE lessons, unless the Head Teacher has given permission following confirmation in writing from parents that the child is post-puberty, and only then if it is close fitting.



Flat, black shoes (not trainers)


PE kit:

Amber polo shirt with logo, navy shorts, black plimsolls, and navy tracksuit bottoms as an additional option



White polo shirt with school logo, navy sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo, and loose clothing



Jewellery is considered to be any form of adornment to the body, which is not clothing.  This includes all kinds of earrings (studs and “sticks”) and bangles.

Children will not wear any form of jewellery to school, in order to maintain their health and safety. 

If a child does wear jewellery, he/she will not be allowed to take part in any form of PE or use any climbing equipment outside. 


Make-up and nail varnish may not be worn to school.


School uniform can now be purchased from any of the following two retailers:-

Uniform shop

Unistat Uniform Supplier

141 High Street




Tel: 020 8550 2119


Go to www.mapac.com and click on ‘Education’. You will need to enter the name of our school in order to get the correct buying options.


Book bags and PE bags can be bought from the School Office.