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Late Collection of Children



Children not collected at the end of the school day will be supervised in our Cookery Room by a Welfare Assistant.  Parents may gain access to this via the main entrance, which is in Waremead Road.  We ask you to inform the school as soon as possible, and preferably before 3:15pm if you know you will be late collecting your child.

The school will make every effort to contact parents/carers or emergency contacts for children left in school after school hours.  However, if the school has been unable to do this and has not been contacted by anyone 30 minutes after school hours, the school will then alert the Education Welfare Service (EWS) of an uncollected child.  The EWS will then inform the Social Services of this.  By 4.30pm the EWS will contact the school to see if the uncollected child has been collected.  If  not, the Redbridge Transport Section will organise transport for the child to be taken to the nearest “Learning Centre”.  The Head Teacher will deliver a letter to the child’s home address outlining the action taken and then take the child to the Centre.  The Centre will organise emergency foster carers for the child.  If by 6.30pm there has been no contact with the parents/carers, a duty social worker will collect the child and place him/her with the emergency foster carers by 8.00pm at the latest.  The school will discuss the situation with the parents/carers the following day.