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Safeguarding and Child Protection



Safeguarding and Child Protection

At Gearies Primary school we aim to help all children to stay safe and happy. If you have a concern relating to a child’s welfare or safety, please speak to one of our nominated Safeguarding Officers:


Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Dias (Deputy Head)




Deputy Safeguarding Officer: Mr Drew (Head Teacher)




The role of the safeguarding officers is to support the welfare of all children registered at the school. They will do this by:

  • Receiving concerns from children, parents, members of staff, visitors and governors

  • Listening to children

  • Processing information and making decisions on referrals

  • Keeping records of concerns and actions

  • Liaising with support agencies and parents/carers

  • Offering or organising support where necessary

  • Training colleagues

They are available in the main playgrounds before school or you can contact them via the school office by phone (020 8550 1803) or e-mail: admin@geariesprimaryschool.co.uk

September 2017