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Each child’s education is provided in the context of the partnership between home and school.  In order for the partnership to be successful, all members of the school community need to strive to realise the school’s aims, and to respect its values.


The School’s Aims are:

  • to help children develop lively and enquiring minds
  • to help children understand the world they live in
  • to help children acquire knowledge and skills
  • to enable children to communicate effectively
  • to encourage tolerance and respect for others
  • to live and work in harmony with others




The school will:

  • provide a  broad and balanced curriculum
  • encourage all children to do their best at all times
  • treat all children equally
  • promote racial equality and good race relations
  • comply with our homework policy (available on request)
  • provide information to parents/carers (eg Prospectus, newsletters, curriculum updates, annual reports)
  • provide regular opportunities for parents to consult with teachers on children’s progress


Parents/carers will:

  • make sure children attend regularly and punctually
  • support the homework policy
  • attend parents’ meetings and consultations
  • make the school aware of particular concerns or problems that may affect the child’s progress or behaviour
  • comply with the uniform policy
  • deal with all members of staff with courtesy
  • support the school’s behaviour policy


Each child will:

  • follow the school’s rules
  • behave appropriately towards others
  • respect property in school
  • strive to do their best at all times


Any complaint should be made in line with the school’s complaints procedures (on display in the school).