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PE and School Sport Premium

Gearies Primary school

PE and Sport – Vision Statement

Physical Education and sporting opportunities are provided for all children in order to:

  • foster an active lifestyle

  • encourage the enjoyment of PE and Sport

  • encourage active participation in PE and Sport

  • develop friendships and understand others, despite differences

  • understand the principle of teamwork

Our children will:

  • be active, and try new things

  • be included

  • have their needs met

  • be challenged

  • learn important life skills – resilience, integrity, perseverance, respect, positive sporting opportunities, determination and courage

  • strive to improve their performance

  • learn skills together

  • compete as a member of a team

  • regularly take part in all facets of PE and Sport; gymnastics, athletics, dance, games and swimming


All members of staff will model positive attitudes to PE/Sports.

We will achieve our vision in collaboration with our Teaching Alliance schools.

Our community will be proud of our sporting achievements and celebrate them.





By making the stated investment in professional development, ensuring the sustainability of sporting clubs into the coming years and building up our PE and Sport resources, we are leaving a legacy for the school community into the future.  We have already established a reputation as a "sporty school" over a relatively short time.  We will continue to ensure that all future children will have the same opportunities as our current cohort receive now.